Lunch Program

Our menus are created with a focus on high quality ingredients, including fresh meats roasted onsite, locally grown produce, whole grain baked goods and pasta, fresh herbs, and even extra virgin olive oil.

About Us

Gilhooley’s Grade School Lunch Program was launched in August 2017 by Country House Restaurant Managers. Country House is a local, family-owned, independent foodservice provider serving the education sector for almost 20 years, feeding students from preschool through college.  Our experience and expertise in both the restaurant and school foodservice business was a natural fit when we began servicing the community grammar schools with fresh from scratch lunches.  Country House Managers began preparing and delivering daily fresh lunches for community grammar schools made fresh daily at the Gilhooley’s kitchens in August 2017.

Gilhooley’s replaced the frozen prepackaged food product served at many grammar schools in the community with Gilhooley’s from scratch high quality fresh food.  Our primary focus is on customer service and serving healthy and delicious foods freshly prepared in the Gilhooley’s kitchens.  Our staff collaborates with each school (and speaks directly with the students to hear their feedback) and develops popular menus that the students can be excited about, while preparing almost all menu items from scratch. We pick and choose the fresh ingredients as if every meal prepared was for our own families.  

Delicious Meals

Our menus are created with a focus on high quality ingredients, including fresh meats roasted onsite, locally grown produce, whole grain baked goods and pasta, fresh herbs, and even extra virgin olive oil. 

We strive to make dining in our partnered schools a culinary experience.  Our goal is to expand the students’ palates by offering a wide variety of different foods and ingredients, prepared in a way that excites them and gives them confidence to try new things.  We feel this helps develop an openness to discover new flavors, try new things, and develop a taste for delights the world has to offer.

Gilhooley’s eliminates the usual bagged salty frozen soups, canned sauces, and precooked processed meats and limits typical cafeteria options such as frozen or “ready to heat or fry” products. Eliminating these empty calories greatly increases the nutritional value of the food and eliminates preservatives, excessive amounts of salt and other unidentifiable ingredient listed in processed/prepackaged foods.

Your Children are Our Priority

We take pride in offering your children the most delicious and nutritious meals possible so they’re ready to take on the challenges of the day!  

When Gilhooley’s partners with your school, we introduce more healthful options including homemade soups, unprocessed whole foods including grains and produce, fresh roasted meats, and extra virgin olive oil. Fresh pizza dough and sauce are made completely from scratch in our kitchen, and our burgers are packed on-site using 100% fresh ground beef (no fillers). 

These healthier, higher quality (yet still fun) food options in your lunchroom will benefit your students’ health, minds, and even their future lifestyle. They will develop better eating patterns that will follow them throughout their lives, and they will have a blast doing it!

Gilhooley’s cooking from scratch approach also benefits the environment. We eliminate many steps in the production process by doing things onsite, which saves packaging, energy, gas, and emissions due to fewer trucks on the street. This philosophy promotes diversity in foods and supports farm to school and environmental efforts.

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Ordering Online

You can order through  Simply click on your school’s link below.

For questions about all year ordering for a discounted rate, special dietary needs, or comments and concerns please call or email us directly.  There is no substitute for direct communication, and we are happy to work with you on any individual needs.  Every single student at our grammar schools that Gilhooley’s services should feel that they are able to participate in the lunch program, no one should ever feel left out!

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